Nordisk Cementteknik AB develop and manufactures equipment for mining and construction industry.

Office and manufacturing in Tierp 120 Km north of Stockholm Sweden.


  • Equipment and methods for rock reinforcements.
  • Shotcrete adhesion measuring unit..
  • Young concrete temperature measuring.


  • Grouting of rock bolts and cables for support of core and rock masses.
  • Pre or post injection.
  • Installation and grouting of rock mechanical instruments in bore holes.
  • Rock sealing for preventing weathering and degradation of rock and soil.


  • Injection in soil and rock masses.
  • Cavity filling.
  • Grouting of rock bolts, anchors and cables.
  • Filling around pre stressed anchors and cables.
  • Pumping of grout for foundation construction.


  • Adhesion measurement equipment.
  • Young concrete temperature measuring device.